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Welcome to Killarney Glass Windows, Doors & Conservatories – Covering Kerry

Killarney Glassis a high quality Window, Door and Conservatory manufacturer and installer based in Killarney.

We offer the finest and widest range of windows, doors & conservatories to suit all types of properties from your modern style to traditional buildings. This enables you to pick whats right for you and your home. Offering long lasting, virtually maintenance free installations the right windows, doors & conservatories from Killarney Glass can be the finishing touch for your home.

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Use the latest technology to ensure our windows, doors & conservatories are energy efficient. Designed to keep you as warm as possible in the winter whilst saving you money on your heating bills.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality products and service available ataffordable prices.

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Making Door

The Killarney Glass range of quality doors will enhance the look and security of your home and come with a host of benefits. As well as being attractive and stylish they: Save on maintenance and are easy to clean. Help eliminate unwanted draughts and condensation. Contribute to significantly reduced heating bills and come in any shape or size with a choice of frame colours and glass styles.



Introducing the Killarney Glass collection of premium windows, designed to elevate both the aesthetics and security of your home while offering a multitude of advantages. Not only do they exude charm and sophistication, but they also:

  • Require minimal maintenance and boast effortless cleaning.
  • Effectively banish pesky draughts and condensation.
  • Play a key role in slashing heating expenses significantly.
  • Offer customizable options in terms of shape, size, frame colors, and glass styles.


Introducing the Killarney Glass range of top-tier conservatories, crafted to elevate the elegance and security of your home while providing a plethora of benefits. These conservatories not only add charm and style but also:

  • Demand minimal upkeep and offer easy cleaning.
  • Effectively ward off unwanted draughts and condensation.
  • Contribute to substantial reductions in heating costs.
  • Come in a variety of shapes, sizes, frame colors, and glass styles, allowing for customization tailored to your preferences.

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